Our Philosophy

We provide comprehensive, global financial planning for the high net worth entrepreneur, business owner, families and their successors.

Our Philosophy

We Believe

Every entrepreneur knows what they want: to coordinate and integrate the longer term financial goals that provide growth WITH protection of wealth.

About Us

Cafee Financial® Process

Having worked with entrepreneurs for over 30 years, we understand their unique needs and have tailored our business to help them work towards their goals.


Calfee Financial invests significant time and energy getting to know you and your family, your goals, needs and dreams. We view planning as an ongoing process.

Capture Core Business Value

The real value of your business is what it can provide in cash flow, security, liquidity, and long-term after tax wealth for you and your family.

Achieve Wealth Diversification

To accumulate ever less valuable assets makes little sense to us. To protect against currency debasement and inflation makes more sense to us.

Protect Wealth & Family

Too many ignore the simple question “What if…..?” We embrace it. The ability to transfer risk and diversify to protect your wealth is a primary/core result of our work.

Seeking to Grow & Preserve the Wealth of Entrepreneurs

It is the ability to identify, separate and coordinate the longer term financial, wealth, value goals that provides the growth and protection of wealth.

Compensation for the Head and Staff of
Independent, Charter and Montessori Schools

Typically, board members and organization leaders are uncomfortable with compensation negotiations. Many do not understand, appreciate or embrace the issues, possibilities and ramifications. Everyone differs as to what is ”FAIR.” With the right process, you can engineer successful, lasting and practical compensation and benefits packages for your leadership and staff.